Social Impact Loans


CapNexus, developed by Partners for the Common Good in 2012 and relaunched in 2016 as a benefit to the CDFI industry, enables effective business relationships between capital seekers and capital providers and acts as a clearinghouse for ideas, experts, and services. CapNexus gives capital seekers the forum to offer participation in their development activities and lenders the opportunity to locate deals that may meet their portfolio requirements.

Partners for the Common Good (PCG) is a U.S. Department of Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that is taking a leadership role within the domestic Community Development Finance Industry by creating tools for mission-based lenders to manage liquidity, loan limits, and other balance sheet challenges. PCG is a certified nonprofit loan fund and is the only CDFI in the country with a primary mission of national participation lending.

Non-Bank CDFI Small Business Loans

Find pools of CRA-eligible small business loans originated by non-bank CDFIs. The pool may be sub-divided as needed to target a bank's assessment area. Please contact IntraFi® Assetpoint® for additional information.